An art which has amazed me throughout is music. It is an ancient expression of mankind. It resides in us, we can’t teach it to anybody. We can teach method but not the music ! Even if someone is playing it outside, we feel it inside. Each and every individual makes it beautiful for his own n on his own. This can be said for all art forms. It can be broadly divided in melody and rhythm, of which rhythm is the most basic expression. The earlier form of music was mostly purely rhythmic and still rhythm is the one which most of the people can understand and get involved easily. The earlier music was the exploration of rhythm. So what is this rhythm? And why do we use it as an expression? Some of  my observations on this matter are as follows…

We live in a rhythmic world. Each n everything around us is set in patterns, some prominent, some subtle. This subtle rhythm when brought to surface through music for example, we try to resonate through our actions, we try and get in harmony with it. It is a reaction. Without this reaction we don’t feel involved. Getting out of rhythm is simply not our nature. Rhythm is embedded in us. Planets rotate in rhythm, sun rises n sets in rhythm, weathers obey rhythm, time itself is a rhythm, so even silence measured in time is rhythmic. So all around we are surrounded by rhythms. World is rhythm n we all are dancing to it. Each and every part of our life is set in some pattern, may  it be subtle but it influences us unknowingly. We dance unknowingly. So when this rhythm manifests in the form of art, it isn’t alien to us. We have been experiencing it all along. Manifested rhythm (which also includes language and poetry) is the expression of rhythm which we feel in our day to day lives. Different rhythmic expressions denote different phases in our life. The manifested expression of dance uses different rhythms to express different moods and phases in an individual’s life.

Rhythm is lucid, fluid, dynamic. So, it is something which is very basic and innate. We humans are rhythmic creatures….


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