Purify the action. Purify the path. How? By knowing the intent! Ironically most of the times when we are so engrossed in any action, we are unaware of our intentions. This isn’t going to lead anywhere. How can we expect of an ordered and sorted system when we are unable in understaning the intent behind any action. Many of the times many of the people are just incapable of knowing it. Without intent action is dead. Action is intent. Without intent there can’t be any action. We all are doing something all the time tirelessly. We do have an intent behind it. But the intent we have and which we project may not be the same. Most of the times it is not.  What is the reason?? Wrongly conceived notions of right and wrong is the prominent one.

We are so pressurized to do something all the time. “Don’t sit idle. Do something. Don’t just think, do something.  Don’t just discuss do something about it. Doing is everything. Don’t think just do. Just go outside and act. If you are not doing anything you are losing your touch with reality. There is something wrong with you. Thinking is a waste. You don’t have the guts to DO. You are afraid.” This is what we hear many of the times and this is the main cause behind ‘just doing stuff and not knowing why we are doing it’. In an adolescent age we tend to seek meaning of things because without the meaning the path can’t be decided. This thought and seeking is left incomplete because of this social pressure. And finally that adolescent grows to become an adult who just follows the patterns  without understanding the crux behind that action. It isn’t about intent now. It is just about  DOING stuff.

Action is so natural that isn’t about making such fuss about it. It is so natural that when we are hungry, we eat, when we are sleepy, we sleep. So it is the reflection of what is going inside. We should maintain it. Following patterns in it’s pure sense is also a reflection. But it increases confusion, complexity and hypocrisy because pattern is nothing but a wrongly conceived notion.  People become more and more confused because intent and action never match. But anyways intent is so strong that they don’t consider much about confused self. They make a habit of ignoring it and just following the pattern. So when they get out of that pattern due to any reason, they get afraid. They have surrendered to the pattern. Pattern is their “guiding light”. They lose their self in the process. They are afraid when they are alone. They avoid facing themselves. Because when they inquire, they have traveled so far on this confusing path without inquiring on each step that they get lost in their contradicting complexity. It makes them sad and their only refuge is again surrendering to the pattern which gives them some comfort due to the social acceptance.

Now confusion about the intent is given in this dense forest of confusion. To reach to the pure intent, we have to cut though this forest persistently. Then and then only we shall get to the clarity of thought and action which will lead to harmony. Every action will then be purified, whatever it may be.  Just DOING is soothing for many of us. But it leaves such a wound inside that grows with every hasty and confused action.  More hasty and aggressive you become to heal it, it extends in such a way that you get lost forever. That is the reason why as one moves from adolescence to adulthood, he gets more and more rigid losing the sense of reality. Social acceptance becomes so important to maintain individual identity. I myself am also not untouched by it and many a times wonder of my  own intentions in many of my actions. Even in writing this article. But I am hopeful of getting out of this maze and patterns. Because, I believe as long as your mind and soul is anchored in the taste of purity and harmony, experienced in brief moments, you will forever be watchful and will not be comforted by the illusion of security in any pattern.


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