Game for Survival

Imagine a time thousands of years before Christ. A dark time. A time when survival is the utmost need and is the only basic instinct that is ruling over all of the humankind alive. What is Asia, Europe like? What is earth like? Life is everywhere just as today. Dense forests. Different new species throbbing. Humans are scattered in that struggle for survival here and there in groups. Being in a group is also a necessity. Everything is a necessity. Somewhere or the other, groups of people have started to give a definite structure to their communal being. It is also a necessity. People increased in a group, it became necessary for ‘organization’, ‘structure’ to come into picture. Necessity has brought people together. Necessity has brought some understanding, coordination and therefore some human values. Therefore, everything since then can be explained in two words ‘necessity’ and ‘survival instinct’.

These structured groups of people then thus succeeded. They won the struggle for survival with the other species around. Other species around can now never challenge them for their survival. Now different groups are endangered by their own kind. This led to some different structures, different institutions, different organizations. This scenario still continues today. As because of the complexities added by these number of organizations and institutions, different human values arose. In all this web of structures, organizations, institutions and human values, individual lost itself. Now different fight for survival arose. As the number of people in a society increased outrageously, people lost their touch with human relations and social responsibilities. Because of all this complexity, no one got an easy grasp on his definite role or responsibility in a social structure. This led to a massive social confusion about many things. This resulted in a struggle for survival in the same society with their own people. Now people are not together by their own will, they are held together by some higher authorities by force. To ensure that this force remains, it called for some newer organizations, institutions, structures and human values. This complex web led to massive outburst of useless and confused actions by each individual. These actions were nothing but a struggle to live, to be secure in a needlessly complex structure, anyhow. This situation multiplied with the years gone by. This confusion in social structure reflected inwards. People lost touch with their own intent behind any action. They started fooling their own self unconsciously. The Struggle for self-survival got many different, cute, virtuous, convenient names from the dictionary of ‘human values’. Those names played a role of social respect. They became people’s lifelong rigid identities. It felt unsafe dropping one. In all this game of survival has brought upon us this stage in which we have interwoven ourselves completely. We are in a self-made maze from which it has become very difficult to get out. We judge, we compare, we strive, we crave, we fight, we laugh, we live, all for what? Just to Survive??  Is this what being a Human stands for?? Is there anything in this world apart from survival?? More than that, is this what being ‘alive’ stands for?? Are we alive just to stay alive as much years as we can?? I feel, if the answer to all of these questions is a ‘Yes’ then I wouldn’t be writing or wouldn’t have even bothered to think about this subject in the first place! But I feel, we definitely need to surpass this primitive struggle for survival as a community and as an individual for sure!


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