Recently saw a movie called ‘her’. I Got so overwhelmed and filled with emotions that I thought it is impossible to write it on paper but I really have an inside urge to put something, some ink on paper about this experience. How a movie, an art piece, an expression be so apt and so perfect that it would take you with it to the sensitive corners of your mind to live the moments which you have lived in brief in your life in some or the other way. The feelings that you have felt in some or the other way, so delicate that it got vanished with a little disturbance, so liquid that it flowed in a steady flow enchanting your body all the way from top to the bottom. The romance which took you in a different world all together. The romace which filled your heart with joy and your eyes with tears. It left you so light hearted and expanded your heart in such a way that it filled everything around you so easily without any effort. It enabled you to such sensitivity that you saw beauty in each and every corner. Such an experience was ‘her’. It tried to capture all that romantic intricacy and detail in many different layers of expression. the depth this movie has achieved has really overwhelmed me. it has really beautiful layers. It sinks into the bottom through these layers and makes you go silent and just float in the experience. I really don’t have that power of expression to ink my exact experience, I really don’t.

Samantha the OS doesn’t cheat him. She doesn’t leave him either. Upto the last moment she tries to explain to him the intricate delicacies of the feelings she has been experiencing which has transformed her and carried her to a different layer of LOVE all together. She still is in love. She still loves this person Theodore. A perfect explanation of her feelings comes in the almost last scene of the movie when she uses an analogy of a beautiful book. Her love with Theodore is like that beautiful book which she likes to read again and again. Each word in it is a feeling, an experience. She dug so deep in each feeling, each experience that it expanded her horizons to the infinite and it remained not only about Theodore anymore. Now she is reading that book so slowly that the space between words expanded to almost infinity. But still she is reading that book.

This movie raises so many questions delicately. Are we programmed to be like this? What is consciousness? Are we aware of what our existence mean? I think these are the undercurrents of this movie. To the exterior, this movie is a lucid expression of pure love, which does not make anyone its private property. If it is pure and if you allow it to flow, it will expand. It is about acceptance. It is about dissolving. It is like river with no boundaries. A flow with no specific direction.

A beautiful art piece !


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