imagesEyes are closed. Heart is not in its place. Mind is revolving in a pattern. Each n every part of the body is also revolving with it. A simple sentence makes you so hurt that it makes you die inside 100 times. It feels like heart is crying and screaming inside. You cannot communicate with anyone, anything or even with yourself. You are trying hard so hard to even carry out the simplest of things. It is like trying to concentrate on a thing while revolving around yourself.  it feels like even the eyes are unable to fix their gaze on anything how can mind be fixed. It is exhausting. It is hurting. You cannot feel your legs. Each step takes a lot of effort. Every part of your body is refusing to move itself. Sleep is the only solace. urge of screaming, hurting, crying becomes prominent. And when it is not fulfilled the body heats up. Anyone absolutely anyone can hurt you. Even a single small nudge can make you cry hard. Words, things are harder to remember and recall. Giving up becomes a habit. Retiring becomes a solace. Time slows up. events multiply. Consequences magnify. Nothing is satisfying enough. Masturbation with vibrant thoughts and lively feeling continues. Nothing seems to satisfy. Suspicion seems to extend its shadow. Action seems needed but what, when and where remains a question mark.Trust loses its meaning. Respect loses its genuinity. Everything becomes monotonous. Even a beautiful sunrise cannot shade light. And night feels secure. This surely is darkening of the soul !


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