Am I thought? Am I identity? Am I body? Am I intent? Am I desires? Am I feel? Am I freedom? Am I helplessness? Am I senses? Am I brain? intellect? sorrow? pain? Am I an expression? Am I aspirations? ambitions? Am I depth? Am I an unidentified self? Am I relations? Am I hopes? Am I explorations? Am I rudra veena? Am I it’s naad? Am I sound? Am I past? Am I present? Am I future? Am I culture? Am I fear? Am I celebration? Am I joy? Am I an urge? Am I artist? Am I a journey? A quest? Am I struggle? Am I tears? Am I intimacy? Am I bound? Am I unbound? Am I compassion? Am I search? Am I dark? Am I light? Am I energy? Am I life? Am I an observer? Am I nothing? Am I everything? Am I name? am I category? Am I harmony? Am I peace? Am I solitude? Am I loneliness? Am I rest? Am I insecurity? am I “I” ?
‘I’ can misinterpret or interpret any one of these things as ‘self’. I can choose to ‘be’ something or I can choose to ‘think’ I am something else. Can I choose not to be any of these things? Is it humanely possible? Can it be desired? Can it be achieved? What will ‘I’ be then? Is it necessary to be something? If I ask this question to others it won’t be possible for many of us to conceive anything without any identity. We need something to identify, something to differentiate, something to classify. Is this the problem of today’s world? That we are unable to dissolve? Has the struggle for survival brought this upon us? Today’s world is of identity’s making. What we identify of ourself is certainly not us. Because if we wish, we have the potential to become something else. Then why all this effort ? there can be different stages of change but certainly not an identity. We can name that stage but certainly not make it an identity. Someone can argue that what we name is not an identity but simply a name to the stage in which we are in. but certainly this is not the case because we can see that we are bound to it. we allow only that much change which our identity allows.


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