Memory Jar

Memory jar is to remind me the fragility of something which I call my identity

Who am i? what am I calling myself? I am a speck of dust bound to mortality

I definitely see that I operate on past which keeps on layering my ‘self’

Every pretention every attention every intention for some ‘self’ will falter in the end

Beautiful moments will die down cut in pieces which I cherish to fortify my ‘self’

Ya, they were beautiful, they had in it the beautiful people which shared my identity

Ya, they had in it every undiscovered emotion just floating around the moment

Ya, they had trust, dependence, incorrupt expression

They had smiles and cries, love and affection

Nothing but a memory of beauty we cherish

Nevertheless, It will crack down

It will falter, It will wither, it will perish

But now, look at her beautiful eyes, which are full with wisdom, expression

Those life drenched eyes which are still holding on to the ‘self’

They are holding on to the other half of their identity withering away

They are holding on to the part of their life long ‘being’

They are so beautiful and so vulnerable at the same moment

A wrinkled face expressing the ‘self’ is the most beautiful art work by far

So much it speaks, the memory jar


(Reference: Grayson Perry’s art piece ‘memory jar’ from his 3 part series ‘Grayson Perry: who are you?’)


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