inside thunder

pitch dark night pitch darker day

sleep is the only inevitable way

how much long can u go

there are not the longitudes which are to cover

how far can you get

there is no escape, no escape from the space within

even if you sweat, even if you get wet

it is far stretched, infinite, making me so small equally far important

a fact which is stretching me either way,

a fact which is tearing me apart

a cry to hold me up together is a worthless desperate try

my efforts to cheer me up are laughable 

swaying up and down, all directions, making me feel dizzy

i sometimes give a hard thought..have i completely gone crazy?

i’ll be dragged to infinity in this roller coaster

giving me neither thrill nor exciting joy, only excruciating pain

still it will remain a small dot in the vastness of my inside world

there is not a single drop of liveliness there except me

a drop which can see itself, a drop which can feel for itself

a drop which can feel lonely high and dry

drop is is there doing its nonsense

unfortunately stuck and destined to sway

i don’t know..i don’t know if there is any other way

if it will see the light of day..

but until then, it will always remain,

pitch dark night pitch darker day 


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