Blind Stretching Wing

We live amongst we live with countless impulses

We are not every one of them but are surrounded

We go for solitude and drop on some expression

The expressions are countless impulses

Hardened, sharpened, rational, impulsive impulses

Just like waves in an ocean

We go for totality, try to stretch out to something beyond

We go for the existence itself

And the irony, we stuck at the word,

If lucky, on the most beautiful impulse

We are stuck with ‘all of us’…

We are stuck with the geometry, with the physics

A beautiful image, finitude,

art stretching its ambitious wings

Stuck with the immense power to create

Stuck with the immense capacity to express

Stuck with the blind stretching wing

Hopeless it may seem to someone

But to some it also may liberate

The purpose, the finitude, the end, the aim

The stretch

Hopeless is ‘the stretch’

This may liberate..

Stretch of an eagle wing will never cover the sky

But an embrace with open arms might


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