the breathing vessels

We, the breathing vessels,

Occupied, with a name

Occupied with some purpose

Hate being alone, hate being empty

But what are we more than a gust of wind

What are we other than a breath of air

Other than the little endless emptiness inside

Yes we are filled, with the deep empty ocean

Sinking in who knows what,

who knows how deep

we dwell on the islands called ‘meaning’

created to forever stay and occupy,

to never again explore the empty waters and measure its depths

who knows what dwells in there,

who knows what surfaces the mysterious meanings

it is heard, ‘the explorers’ who dive in never come back with ‘words’

never come ashore to explain what’s beneath

they lose the ‘language’ of us, ‘the meaning dwellers’

it is better that the sorcery is left unexplored

better leave the questions unanswered

and forever remain the ‘meaning dwellers’ of the breathing vessels…

but can we?


We are doomed……


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