Flavors of Youth

Yes, we are deep in this struggle
We love each other, respect each other 
But now we are feeling the heat for real
Everyone is careful, on every step
Nobody affords to be plenty of anything
Neither words, neither intensity, neither free will
Everyone is struggling with the effort
We surrender to it
But still the struggle is evident
Now the consequences are direct
Either we perform or we perish

Ideal seems a little distant now
Dreamland a child’s imagination
It used to drive us towards the promise of greatness
Hope was great, Energy boundless
Mistakes part of the game
Simple lessons were childish
And Generations old wisdom a shame
This was our ‘initial youth’ 

The ‘later youth’ is looking directly in the eye
Directly in the eye of life,
Of concepts we used to play, 
Of ideals we used to romanticize,
Of actual possibilies,
Of necessary efforts,
Of real Us,
Of strength,
Of balance,
Of philosophies we used to discuss,
Of survival

Geeta much more deep now
Pain much more dire
Karma much more meaningful now
Results much more critical


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