Flavors of Youth

Yes, we are deep in this struggle We love each other, respect each otherĀ  But now we are feeling the heat for real Everyone is careful, on every step Nobody affords to be plenty of anything Neither words, neither intensity, neither free will Everyone is struggling with the effort We surrender to it But still … Continue reading Flavors of Youth


The Journey

There is a path with no milestones There is a journey with no destination There are obstacles yet never visible There are fellow travellers, oblivious Rather nothing is never obvious We stride down like a river somewhere Somewhere Stuck in the middle like a pond No predictions, no map, no guide Every sight is intimate … Continue reading The Journey

The Two

These are nothing but the reactions to unrest, agony.. Reactions are different.. one would be aggressive, the other would lament.. One would toil, burn his body, The other would listen to ghazals sitting in quiet shading tears.. Both are in pain Tumbling up and down With the occasional showers of pleasure, Occasional cheers and inspiration, … Continue reading The Two

A Philosophy Should be…

A philosophy should be a conversation...conversation between one identity with the other, one identity with the aspiration, one conflict with the reason of the conflict, one desire with the other insult, one insecurity with the desired security etc....it should not just be random theories ...random, seemingly objective principles of life...it should not just address a … Continue reading A Philosophy Should be…

Our Roots

Our roots... They smell like beautiful fresh evening in an open field.. A breathe of birth, an unconditional breathe of warmth.. Our roots.. Same blood is in our veins.. Our cheerful happy brother with a twinkle in his eyes.. With warmth in his hands... Our roots.. The sun is shining bright up there.. Life with … Continue reading Our Roots


You know what i crave? I crave friendship... A friendship where i feel equal... A friendship where i can laugh.. A friendship where i can have freedom.. A friendship where we play, we play like men, we play hard, everyday... You know what, i dreamt about it last night.. And you know what, i was … Continue reading Friendship