Expression- Birth of Thought & Abstract ism!

How much of the world is of a proper ordered understanding?  This basic question pops into my head quite a few times now a days. Today’s world seeking for a sorted well ordered knowledge which can be taught, understood and learned in a proper defined way, makes me think, aren’t we bounding ourselves n our exploration to a certain level? But we also want to pass on our knowledge to future generations and it is important. So now here comes the problem, how can we express our thoughts or feelings which are out of bounds, difficult or seemingly impossible to express, in an ordered or predefined way for the exact understanding of the people? Is it possible?        Leaving this thought aside n going into the basics for it can give us the answers….

Why do we want to express? What is it that makes us want to share our thoughts, our feelings etc. ? In my opinion, expression or trying to express is as much for the self as for the people, or as it should be. When it is only for the people then it gets stuck into “definite ways of doing it”. Art is an expression. I think most of the times we tend to miss the part that art (or what we try to express) is also for ourselves as it is for the people. Now,how is it for ourselves apart from tickling the ego? It is nothing but giving form to our thoughts n feelings. It is like giving birth, disintegrating the integrated. Our thoughts n feelings n emotions all are in a form of integrated whole. We are feeling it, thinking it but unless n until we cut out some part of our thought or feel n express it, it doesn’t get it’s unique identity. Before expressing, it is integrated with us. It can’t be said that me n my thought were different before expressing, it was one and the same! So, it is like giving birth! Now why do we want to give birth or why should it give us any pleasure or why should it be of any importance to ourselves? Because it helps us understand ourselves, our complex nature, which is affected by the external environment and external environment which in a way is the product of internal complexities; n so one step closer towards understanding “The Truth”. Taking the example of now itself, I also didn’t have any idea that this kind of thought existed in my mind. But as the matter of fact it did exist. It resided in me in the form of inexplicable feel, which while thinking of given matter pointed me to that feel; n now trying to express that feel I “gave birth to the given thought”. This given thought about “birth of thought” might look a bit complicated to others because I can not transplant my “feel” directly into the others, as it is a feel for me n not a thought. In my opinion, What I have done here is given u a thought. But what art does is try n transplant the feel. So, it is much more expressive!!

Now,it might look abstract to some people, as I have not been much successful in expressing what I feel or I am not much interested in expressing it in a way that they will understand better. I may have not put much effort in exploring the ways in which if i have expressed they might have got a better idea of what I am saying. In my opinion this is abstract to some who have not understood but it isn’t to them who have understood. So, in the art which is abstract in much context to many people, the artist is making art for himself more than for the others n is less interested in conveying to people. So, my point here is that this abstract art is much purer in intent n even if it is not giving much happiness to others, it gives immense pleasure to the handful.

So, in my opinion ultimately this ism, this abstract ism (which can be found in art, philosophy, literature, metaphysics etc..) is a beacon of hope for mankind…to explore the unexplored!


3 thoughts on “Expression- Birth of Thought & Abstract ism!

  1. True Knowledge never reached the majority of society….so I feel that abstract ism existed all through the past but it was carried over by society in a more transformed way…more definite way(basically spoon feeding) but it helped a lot…Abstract ism like such never existed in a purely personal terms but it may exist, it exists, at a social level.What is pure for me may be abstract for society, and same for me….so connecting society at some basic level is possible by structuring the Truth, which is impossible but it takes society as a whole towards some GOOD….
    Nice Article….

  2. 😉 nice one dude….
    Disintegrating the integrated…well said. The feel is the purest thing-the most natural thing that can exist for a human being as faar as his interaction with outside world is concerned.

    Giving a form to that feeling is always affected by surroundings and his approach to that surrounding…and here comes the threat and opportunity. Threat because here is the first impurity introduced in one’s personality, cause his desires n social existance override his own pure feeling and he loses the track of NISHKAAM KARMA.
    Opportunity because one gets explosure to the things which are affecting him. All those things from environment and from within himself can be observed at that particular instant of giving form to a feel. It will define the real personality. More he tries to get that feel unaffected by his desires nearer he goes to himself and the truth.

    And concerning the expressing the feel, Indeed, when expressed, the term u used, abstract ism is purest form of expressing.

    1. @vinit: What u r saying is true. some structuring is needed at the basic level. but this structuring or this definite method of expressing shouldn’t caste out or not even minimize the possibility for people to want to destructure the “definite method” whenever they want…it should be that flexible. We should structurize to destructurize….we can see, there are abstract ism cults present at all the times in history. they contributed and contribute big time in modifying the structure, sometimes even by destructurizing them.

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